Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, Disney Springs, Orlando every Sat & Sun Brunch 12-3.45pm

Upcoming Gigs & Streams


Thur March 4th 7pm E\astern - The Jim Masters Show LIVE from LA! 

Entertainment, lifestyle, talk show series

with award-winning television, radio, multimedia personality, presenter, host Jim Masters

Thursday 3/4/21 7pm eastern / 4pm pacific.

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March Every Sat  & Sunday  - Raglan Road Disney Springs 12 - 3.45pm

March 11th - Pub 32 Sarasota 6pm

March 12th - The Villages, Sumter Square 5pm

March 13th - Lillys on the Lake, Clermont 6pm

March 14th - Nolan’s Pub Cocoa Beach 7pm

March 16th - Celtic Ray 5pm

March 17th - Irish Music Magazine Stream

March 17th - Raglan Road 11am - 1pm

March 17th - The Villages Spanish Square 5pm

March 19th - Culhane’s Jacksonville Southside 5.30pm

March 20th - Balmoral Resort - Shamrocks & Shenanigans Festival - 7pm

124 Kenny Blvd, Haines City, FL 33844 -

March 26th - McGrath’s Irish Ale House Bradenton 7pm

April 2nd - Culhane's Jacksonville Southside 5.30pm

April 9th - Cl;adagh Cottage, Orlando 7pm

April 16th - Pub 32 Sarasota

April 30th - McGrath's Irish Ale House, Bradenton 7pm

Peoria Irish Fest - Aug 27th, 28th & 29th