About Us

The Byrne Brothers are a Family Band from Dublin who moved to Donegal for a few years and now live in Orlando Florida.

They are all County Champions of their Traditional Irish Instruments, Duo and Trio Champions and Ulster Champion Irish Dancers. Even their Dad Tommy was Dublin Champion on Bagpipes back in the day and now plays with them on Guitar, Uilleann Pipes, Fiddle Whistles and Bagpipes.


Their Show is fast paced with brilliant musicianship on multiple instruments, exciting and dynamic arrangements as well as world class Irish dancing. 


2015 - The Byrne Brothers shot to fame in Ireland (after auditioning along with 10,000 other kids) and getting on The Late Late Toy Show, Ireland's biggest TV Show... every Irish kids dream. 


In 2016 a video of them playing on the street at the Fleadh went viral with 3.4 million views and was the most viewed video from Ireland in 2016. 

2017 - They performed at Americas most famous Irish Pub. Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, Disney Springs for their St. Patrick's Festival.


They got approved for their US green cards through their "Extraordinary Ability in the Arts" (EB-1 Visa) in August 2017, sold their house in Donegal in December and were on a plane in Jan 2018 to start their new life in America where they took up residency in Raglan Road for 6 months where they became the youngest ever Cast Members of Walt Disney World. 

While at home in 2017 The Byrne Brothers had another 3 viral videos. 2 on the streets of Galway 21 Million views and another from Oliver St. John Gogarty's Irish Pub the night before we left Ireland, currently with 4.3 million views. Their Galway video was the most viewed video from Ireland in 2017 and their videos have been shared almost 1 million times.

Summer 2018 and 2019 they toured 44 US States including Hawaii, performing at Festivals, Theaters and  Irish Centers.

They have a new CD called "Living the Dream"  with 6 original tracks which is getting amazing reviews from all over the world. 

They were also on the front cover of The Irish Music Magazine in November which is a huge achievement. 

They are also avid Photographers and Videographers as you can see from their Facebook Page.

"Our plan is to continue Living the Dream - traveling the world with our music, showing our culture and learning of others, surf coolest beaches and have the most amazing adventures"

The Band

Dempsey 11

Aka Dempsey Hammer, ACDempC and Y Dempsey A

Bodhran, Whistle, Singer, Irish Dancer, Joker and The Boss!

Donegal Champion on Bodhran, Ulster Champion Irish Dancer and youngest ever Cast Member of Disney World Florida! Did his first gig when he was 2 and has had audiences in stitches ever since. He loves creating amazing sculptures out of whatever is lying around. Loves bodyboarding, snorkeling and we can't get him out of the Sea unless it's to get an Ice Cream! Loves Elvis, Johnny Cash and when he grows up he wants to marry Mammy! 

Finn, 14

Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Irish Dancer


Twice Donegal Champion on Banjo and Mandolin and twice Ulster Champion Irish Dancer!

Obsessed with Surfing, Skimboarding, Swimming, Diving, anything to do with the ocean. We think he was a Dolphin in his past life. Wants to live in Hawaii some day and surf Jaws but mammy won't let him! Loves making action movies on his GoPro and DJI Mavic Drone while eating Krispie Kremes Donuts - yum! 

Luca, 16

Button Accordion, Irish Dancer


Luca is Donegal Champion on Accordion and Ulster Champion Irish Dancer. His other passions are Photography, Film Making, Vlogging, Surfing, Skimboarding and Skateboarding. He loves everything with BBQ Sauce, including Brussel Sprouts!

Daddy - Tommy, Ancient

Guitar, Uilleann Pipes, Bagpipes, Fiddle, Whistles & Vocals.

Daddy is an ex Grade 1 Bagpiper & has been a Professional Musician & International Irish Show Director for over 25 years. so it was just natural that we would do the same! He loves Temple Bar, Trad, Surfing, Tea and Chocolate Biscuits but not a fan Brussel Sprouts!


Mammy - Julie,Timeless

Sound Engineer, Merchandise, Social Media


Mammy is the best mammy in the world. She  is also the best cook in the world and gives the best cuddles. She is also an expert in playing pranks and scaring Daddy. This really annoys Daddy so she does it even more. 

She is famous for her Thai Green Curry, Chocolate Chilli, Sunday Roast, Chilli Shrimp, Pavlova and Cheesecake. If she wasn't married to Daddy she says she would marry Bruce Springsteen... yeah right!