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About Us

"The Byrne Brothers are taking Traditional Irish Music and Dance to a whole new level" Irish Music Magazine


The Byrne Brothers, from Donegal, Ireland, are a multi award winning family band and Irish dancers currently taking Irish American scene by storm!


Their achievements include winning the 2022 Young Artist Academy© Award for Outstanding Music Ensemble and being named Rising Stars of the Year 2021 and Best CD Cover of 2021 by American Celtic Radio Listeners for their album "Living the Dream."

They are also one of the biggest Irish bands in the world on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram with over 60,000 followers and 30 million views.

Each member of the band is a County champion musician and Ulster champion Irish dancer.  The band consists of Luca 19 on accordion, Finn 18 on banjo, mandolin, and guitar, Dempsey 14 on bodhran and whistle, and their father Tommy on uilleann pipes, fiddle, guitar, and grade 1 bagpiper.

The Byrne Brothers have performed at Walt Disney World  where they became Youngest ever cast members in the history of Disney, and have toured extensively across 47 US States. The Byrne Brothers are establishing themselves as a significant presence in the traditional Irish music scene, attracting interest from Hollywood and received reputation as a "Must See Band" at festivals.

The Byrne Brothers are known for their electrifying and high-energy and performances that showcase modern traditional Irish music and world-class Irish dancing. Their music features both traditional and original tunes and songs. Their performances celebrate Irish culture and heritage, and audiences around the globe are captivated by their infectious humor, energy and talent.

Their new album "The Boys of Doorin" was written, recorded and produced by 18 year old Finn, is getting rave reviews from radio stations and fans all over the world

“Each performance and festival they graced with their music, dancing and fun presence, increased their reputation as a talented act you didn’t want to miss.”

Irish American News

The Band


Bodhran extraordinare , Whistle, Singer, Irish Dancer

Dempsey has been entertaining audiences since the tender age of 2, and is a real character on stage. He made history by becoming the youngest entertainer ever at Walt Disney World at the age of 8. His distinctive powerful bodhran playing style and singing have earned him admiration from musicians all around the world. Dempsey has collaborated with top Irish bands such as We Banjo 3, Clannad, and JigJam, as well as Irish tenor legend Ronan Tynan.


14 years old


Finn is a multi-talented artist with a passion for music, dance, and creative pursuits. As a twice Donegal champion on banjo and mandolin, and a twice Ulster champion Irish dancer, Finn has established himself as a skilled musician and dancer. He is also a world qualifier and an award-winning author. In addition to his performance skills, Finn is also a composer and has written six of the tunes for their album "The Boys of Doorin." He is currently working as recording engineering and has produced their last three singles, "Carol of The Bells" and "The Nights." and "Baiana Celtic Dance Mix"  fusing Irish, Brazilian and dance music together.

Finn also takes on the role of dance choreographer, creating all the dances for their performances.


18 years old

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19 years old

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Luca is a multi-talented artist with an impressive set of skills. As the Donegal Champion on Accordion and Ulster Champion Irish Dancer, he has established himself as a highly accomplished musician and dancer.

In addition to his musical and dance abilities, Luca is also a talented photographer and filmmaker, having won awards for his work in these fields. He has directed, filmed, and edited all of the recent music videos for the Byrne Brothers and shot the front cover of their latest album, which won the "American Celtic Radio Listeners 2021 Album Cover of the Year" award.

Currently, Luca is Music Video Director and Photographer, and he hopes to one day become an Oscar-winning Hollywood Director to add to his Young Artist Academy Award.

Tommy Byrne


Tommy, hailing from Dublin, is a highly skilled musician with expertise in Guitar, Uilleann Pipes, Bagpipes, Fiddle, Whistles, and Vocals. He has a rich background in music, having been an ex-Grade 1 Bagpiper with World Champions St. Joseph's Pipe Band Clondalkin. Tommy is also recognized as one of the founding father of the Temple Bar music scene in Dublin and has gone on to become an International Irish show director with over 25 years of experience in places like Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Scandinavia, and all over Europe. He has directed various shows, including his biggest production, Celtic Dance Force in New Zealand, featuring 30 dancers and an 8-piece band. Apart from his impressive musical, directing  and composing career, Tommy has also performed with renowned groups like The Chieftains and Michael Flatley on Broadway.





Latest album


“Each performance and festival they graced with their music, dancing and fun presence increased their reputation as a talented act you didn’t want to miss.”

“The quality of their individual playing and arrangements, as well as their smooth and

interesting transitions are impressive. The combination and pairing of

self-composed and Trad pieces are well thought out and brilliantly done” 


“You’ll be on your feet cheering as they get up to dance and send those high kicks into the air setting sparks on stage with their stepping”



"The Byrne Brothers are taking Traditional Irish Music and Dancing to a whole new level"




Tommy Byrne




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